Personalized Hearing Care Solutions

EarPro Audiology provides specialized care for hearing impaired patients through education, technology and personalized understanding of your unique hearing improvement needs.


Who we are

Dr. Cisler specializes in finding a custom solution to help meet all of her patients’ unique needs when it comes to their hearing loss. She will work closely with you to improve your hearing through comprehensive testing, understanding your hearing lifestyle needs, and utilizing the latest advances in affordable technology.


Areas of Audiology Practices

Hearing Loss Education

Hearing Loss Education

There are many types of hearing impairment. Identifying and treating your specific problems are the starting point of any treatment plan.
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Comprehensive Testing

Comprehensive Testing

Depending on the symptoms presented, several specific types of testing for all ages can be performed in our clinic to further determine your specialized hearing care improvement plan.
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Hearing Care Solutions Through Hearing Aids

Hearing Care Solutions Through Hearing Aids

We will custom fit for your hearing aids providing the latest digital hearing aid technology available at an affordable price for you.
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Hearing Loss
Comprehensive Testing
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Dr. Katie Cisler

Dr. Cisler is truly a local having graduated from Bellbrook High School. She earned her Bachelors in Speech and Hearing Science from The Ohio State University and her Doctorate in Audiology from the University of Louisville. Her audiology clinic is conveniently located in Bellbrook, the community she loves, and where she can establish life-long patient relationships while providing ongoing care as needed.


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