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All the equipment are special and doctors are very qualified

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Audiologist Providing Personalized Care

EarPro Audiology is led by Dr. Katie Cisler who has her Doctorate in Audiology from the University of Louisville and has been practicing as an audiologist for several years. Dr. Cisler specializes in finding a custom solution to help meet all of her patients’ unique needs when it comes to their hearing loss. This not only includes examination and testing, but gaining a thorough understanding of how your hearing needs impact your lifestyle. She considers it a privilege to work with her clients and gain their trust to help improve their hearing challenges.

Team of Professionals

Highly Qualified Dentists

Dr. Jeison Smith Dentist-Orthodontist
Dr. Benjamin Rogers Dentist, Oral surgeon
Dr. Alex Coredero Dental Therapist
Dr. Simona Willams Dental Assistant
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