Hearing Aids & Hearing Care Solutions

There are hundreds of different options when it comes to selecting a hearing aid. There are different styles, brands, and features to choose from. Most hearing aids are practically invisible these days. We will work with you in selecting the hearing aid that is right for you.

The style of hearing aid does not affect the price of the device. The technology that goes inside the hearing aid is what makes a hearing aid range in price. The device that is appropriate for you depends largely on your lifestyle. Prices start at just $800.00 per device. Dr. Cisler prides herself in giving you the best device for the best price.

It is Ohio law that you are entitled to a 30 day-trial period with whichever device you and the healthcare provider choose. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your device you can exchange/return the device during that time minus a small restocking/fitting fee.

Although Medicare does not cover the cost of hearing aids there are many supplemental  insurance plans that have discounted rates. Dr. Cisler is a provider for most plans.

Dr. Cisler will program your devices to your unique hearing loss. During this process she will also ensure the hearing aids are comfortable and fit properly. There is also an extensive amount of counseling that goes into the hearing aid fitting as well.

If you purchased your devices elsewhere and are having a problem it is very possible that we may be able to fix the device here in our office. If the device cannot be fixed in the office we are happy to work with you to send the device back to the manufacturer for repair.

Call our office for personalized hearing protection options for your noisy occupation or recreational activities.

Do you have noises in your ears? Many people report they hear a ringing/buzzing/roaring/ sound in their ears even when there are not any sounds present. Dr. Cisler is trained in tinnitus management strategies and solutions.